Constructing an evidence base of contemporary Mediterranean migrations


EVI-MED will provide insights into the major humanitarian, social, economic and political implications for the principal countries of arrival – above all Italy and Greece – as well as Malta which is a central pillar of the search and rescue effort. The project is also relevant to other potential countries of reception and settlement in Europe, including the United Kingdom.

This will be achieved through a diversity of research methods, including:

  1. The collection and standardization of a broad range of secondary data on migration, including statistics provided by search and rescue organisations and national and European bodies which will be integrated with data-sets made available by international NGOs, to create a synthetic database on migration trends and characteristics of flows.
  2. A survey of individual migrants – with at least 750 participants across Sicily, Greece and Malta – providing insight into profiles, routes, experiences and migration plans. This survey data will be complemented by 45 in-depth interviews focusing on migrant life-histories, decision making and use of networks.
  3. A systematic mapping of the ‘reception systems’ in Sicily, Greece and Malta, identifying governmental and non-governmental actors involved in the identification, management, reception, integration and potential return of migrants who make the journey across the Mediterranean.
  4. Overall analysis of the migration and reception situation, derived from the above data-sets and integrated with further interviews with experts and practitioners, the contribution of international advisors, and the evidence emerging from the existing literature and other research and ongoing research activities.

The project benefits from close collaboration with a number of well-established specialist organisations.

EVI-MED’s wide-ranging engagement platform capitalises on the network of collaborations and partnerships established with Middlesex’s Mediterranean Observatory on Migration Protection and Asylum (MOMPA) – a joint initiative of Middlesex University London and Middlesex University Malta.

The project outputs – including data-sets, policy briefs, academic articles, situation reports, interactive maps – will be made available through this project website, in order to advertise them as widely as possible through EVI-MED’s ‘engagement platform’, networks and social media provided by partners and collaborating organisations. Other outputs include conferences, knowledge exchange events, consultations and briefings with national and European policymakers.

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